Joint Ventures

Management & Consortium Building

Gnosiis International will undertake joint venture and project-management responsibilities with partners and define objectives for creating long-term value for our partner organizations from customers, markets, and relationships. 

Gnosiis practices a philosophy and track record of creating opportunities for increases in cash-flow as well as increases to both brand and shareholder equity to persist over the long-term. We subscribe to a thinking where business development is a strategic and methodical implementation of agreed upon procedures with the goal and means of creating long-term value as a true and only way to succeed in consistently growing as an organization. We assemble and manage teams to execute on non-routine operations to achieve unique product, services, or results based on defined scopes of work and resources. Projects are typically driven by our economic analysis and are geared to achieve business development goals. 

We work with affiliated but independent teams of entrepreneurial and corporate professionals to meet the unique goals of every project. Management of the scope of work includes crafting compensation and incentive packages to ensure teams are properly encouraged to excel and meet agreed upon goals.