Applied Economics

SEC Reporting | Restructuring | Capital Events

Gnosiis International applies data and econometrics to financials and use proprietary statistical analysis as a premise for proforma and forward looking financial forecasting. Our proprietary data sets are the most sophisticated and comprehensive in our unique areas of the lower capital markets. 

We love the business deal; the entrepreneur building their company, a distressed company considering the best paths toward restructuring, land owners identifing a highest and best use,  evaluating potential development scenarios, quantifying the values and economic impacts of intellectual property, and investing capital seeking to balance opportunity with opportunity cost. 

We work as partners with our clients to deploy micro and macro economic analysis as well as urban planning with economic and financial modeling skills to provide advice and guidance to companies, investors and business partners. We are entrepreneurs and can deploy the resources of our firms incorporating equity and mezzanine compensation structures that no large firm in the United States will match.